Hotel Victoria

When Endre Glastad decided to renovate and return Hotel Victoria in Stavanger to its former glory, LS Entreprenør got the job.

We are proud and happy to receive this assignment. We have knowledge and expertise in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, and in that sense Victoria Hotel is right up our alley – a very interesting job”, says General Manager of LS Entreprenør, Per Solli.


Hotel Victoria, Stavanger

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General contract

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Hotel Victoria AS

Through its ownership of the buildings and the Team Hotels, operating six distinctive hotels in Norway, the Glastad Group is getting a foothold in the hotel industry. The motivation behind this endeavor is the wish to create good financial results based on proud and professional employees, as well as exciting meeting places for hotel guests and locals. A pronounced interest in history – and historic hotels – is also part of the philosophy mix, made evident by some of the hotels that are in the portfolio: Hotell Klubben in Tønsberg, Hotel Norge in Bergen, Hotel Sola Strand – and Hotel Victoria.

The walls of the Stavanger hotel are full of history – and maybe still a whiff of cigar? When it opened in 1900, there were electric lights in all rooms; central heating was in place, and not least Stavanger’s first elevator! Royals from home and abroad have lived and eaten here; Victoria was a luxury hotel.

As the years went by, Victoria also became a place with restaurants catering to ordinary customers, cafes, bars, outdoor seating. The hotel has seen tough times, but the upswing came with the oil industry entering the city in the 1970s. In 2000, the hotel was renovated but the big step has been taken now, in 2020 – Victoria has been restored to its former glory, with an eye to the future. As of now, wellness, Afternoon Tea and Salon du Nord, and a Parisian indoor sidewalk café are set to introduce people from Stavanger and tourists to unforgettable experiences in an atmosphere of tradition and luxury.

When Hotel Victoria closed in December 2019 and until its reopening in August 2020, it was LS Entreprenør who ruled in the 120-year-old building. All 106 rooms have been refurbished (including technical upgrading of electricity, drainage, and ventilation), and among other things they have restored the original colour palette; the same goes for the corridors. The reception and communal toilets have been refurbished, and the Salon du Nord has become French enough to withstand comparison with the best in Paris. In addition, LS has been responsible for upgrading the outdoor seating and facade lighting.